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  • Course Name : Physical Evidence Labeling and Handling
  • Duration : 1 Hour
  • Location : Arlington, Texas
  • Delivery Mode : N/A

Physical Evidence Labeling and Handling

This presentation provides Fire Scene Investigators, Special Investigators, and Insurance Adjusters with some inside tips from the Laboratory for identification, collection and handling of physical evidence to ensure proper Chain of Custody and preservation of sample integrity. The course is designed to focus on the topics outlined in ASTM E1459 – Standard Guide for Physical Evidence Labeling and Related Documentation.

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What information belongs on the tag?

Every piece of evidence gathered at the crime scene needs to be marked. The item should be marked or labeled if it cannot be tagged. When marking and labeling the evidence, consistency in the information utilized should always be maintained.

  • Description of item
  • Police case number or identifier
  • Location of collection
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  • Collectors name and identifier
  • Brand name
  • Any serial number or garment information