Litigation Support

Armstrong Forensic Laboratory has provided litigation support from its beginning. While the field of forensics has become popularized in the media, it is a necessary part of the Judicial System. Separating fact from fiction requires people with knowledge, skill and objectivity. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory has always been proud of the litigation support provided to our clients.

All reports produced by Armstrong Forensic Laboratory are court ready when provided to the Client. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory‘s data have been used in Litigation for all areas of our expertise. Fire debris analysis, drug chemistry, blood alcohol, product contamination; worker safety; product failure, and “what is fire?”  have all been addressed in court by Armstrong Forensic Laboratory. Sound scientific principles are applied to identify chemical interactions and hazards that may result in personnel injury or damage to property. These same principles have allowed many manufacturers to successfully defend their products against frivolous accusations.

Certified CPSIA

  • Chemical Consulting
  • Worker Safety
  • Facility Safety
  • Fire and Explosion Investigation Support
  • Product Tampering, Failure & Handling
  • Data Review
  • PhD's
  • CIH
  • 40+ Years of Experience
  • CV's available upon request

Consumer Product Safety Testing Toys, Games & Juvenile Products


Analysis is available for routine examinations as well as discriminatory testing for pathogens. Examinations and sampling plans can be designed specifically to meet your needs. Let your Client Representative assist you today.

Children’s Product Testing – Lead & Phthalates

New regulations (CPSIA) developed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) restrict the amount of lead that may be present in goods marketed towards children.These impact manufacturers, retailers and importers of all sizes. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory is available to provide inspection and sampling of  your products. We will quickly and efficiently help you protect children and maintain compliance.

Forensic Chemistry

Ignitable Liquid Identification is a precise evaluation under ASTM Standard Test Methods set by ASTM E-30 Committee on Forensic Science. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory has provided this testing for civil and criminal investigations since 1981. The State of Texas requires certification by the TxFSC (Texas Forensic Science Commission) through an acceptable accrediting organization. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory  successfully fulfilled all requirements for submitting evidence in criminal prosecutions. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory has provided Forensic Analyses for investigators throughout the world. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory carries a license for drug analysis and holds accreditation by the State of Texas for  Blood Alcohol Content, identification of unknown materials, and controlled substance analyses for criminal prosecution or defense.

Environmental Testing

Armstrong Forensic Laboratory is recognized by TCEQ and EPA and is accredited in Texas by TNI (The NELAC Institute). Soil, water and air samples can be analyzed for volatiles, semi-volatiles, inorganics, PCB’s, and much more. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory is an accredited lead laboratory. We can provide containers and ensure that your sample collection personnel understand proper collection procedures. Sample receipt is documented by Chain of Custody and verified by FAX or e-mail.

Industrial Hygiene

Armstrong Forensic Laboratory has been accredited through AIHA since 1985. Sampling media and assistance with collection are available from our trained assistants. Armstrong Forensic Laboratory can provide analysis for a single sample project or a multi-million dollar survey. We have the experience, equipment and expertise to assist you – no matter how large or small your project. Let our in-house CIH and Client Representatives assist you from media selection and sampling technique through data interpretation. We are here for you.