Helping People

We lost Andrew. We have not lost our way.

The fact that it was in the year of a Full Eclipse over DFW was fitting. A time of darkness followed by a new era of light.

Andrew always said he never lost money helping people, and we will continue that in this new era.

Helping people by answering questions with Quality work.

Since 1981, we have helped answer more than 100,000 questions.


Facts is Facts Quality
Tell the Truth Be Kind
I don’t know is a good answer  


People have many questions. They feel lost, taken advantage of, and put upon by the system.

By providing answers, we help them get their insurance, run their businesses, and stay out of jail.

We help people have a safer place to live.

Let us help you.

10 More Old Ideas That Are Still Good Ideas

  1. Supplies: When taking the second to last of something, put it on the order form immediately. If you know it is consumed quickly, order it sooner.
  2. Everything must be written in a logbook. Not on any scratch paper
  3. Know your waste stream!
  4. Initial and date every page
  5. Ask up, not over
  6. Safety. Safety. Safety.
  7. Keep your workstation clean. And the balance. And the sink. And the bathroom.
  8. Review. Double-check your work, your writing, your sequence, and your labels.
  9. Pay attention to unfamiliar smells and substances.
  10. Write in the laboratory notebook with blue ink.


Bonus Item: When adding reagents to something, move it after to keep track.

10 Old Ideas That Are Still Good Ideas

  1. Keep your area clean.
  2. Document everything. Write it down. If you didn’t write it down, it didn’t happen.
  3. Read the instructions. Read them again before you start.
  4. Write legibly.
  5. Wash twice. Rinse three times. Seven is even better.
  6. Keep the person next to you safe. And the one that will be after you.
  7. Wear your PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) items such as eye protection, lab coat, gloves, etc.
  8. Read the label. Twice.
  9. Never put aliquots back in the container.
  10. A mistake is OK. Covering it up is not.
Hemp Testing Texas

Total delta 9 THC is delta 9 THC AND delta 9 THCA

In summary:

Texas House Bill 1325 requires that hemp must be tested “using post-decarboxylation, high-performance liquid chromatography, or another similarly reliable method to determine the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of the sample.” Armstrong routinely determines the concentration of delta-9 THC using liquid chromatography (HPLC-DAD) and gas chromatography (GC-FID) techniques. Both of these analytical techniques are reliable methods for determining the concentrations of THC and other cannabinoids.